Statement on the 2020 Australian Secondary Schools Teams Racing Regatta. - 23rd March 2020

In consideration of current events, the ATSA Committee, in consultation with Government, Clubs and key stakeholders, met last week and confirmed that the scheduled 2020 Australian Secondary Schools Teams Racing Regatta – scheduled for 27 – 31 May, at Georges River Sailing Club and run this year by NSWTSA, has been postponed.

A deferred National Regatta some time later in 2020 remains a consideration for ATSA perhaps targeting a window between 25 September and 4 October, 2020.
Please refer ATTACHED STATEMENT Issued by the ATSA Committee.

Dates announced for 2020 Australian Secondary Schools Teams Racing Championships and 2020 Interdominion Championships - 27th November 2020

The Australian Team Sailing Association (ATSA) has announced the dates of the 2020 Australian Secondary Schools Team Sailing Championships and the 2020 Interdominion Championships.

The 2020 Australian Secondary Schools Team Racing Championships will be held 27 – 31 May 2020, held in NSW.

The 2020 Interdominion Schools Team Racing Championships will be held 4 – 6 September at Algies Bay in New Zealand. Qualification for the Interdominion Championships will again be based on the results of the 2020 ASSTRC in May and will only be available to teams finishing in the top 5 places at the regatta.

RYCT and ATSA launch the 2020 Australian 2K Championship - 9th November 2020

The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania has published and started distribution of the NOR for the 2020 Australian 2K Championship to be hosted by RYCT in Hobart on Feb 22-23, 2020.

ATSA is pleased to support the RYCT for the event with both parties keen to make the regatta a long-term feature of the Australian team racing calendar.

2K Team Racing is two on two team racing, in keelboats without spinnakers, raced on short, match race style courses with umpires. The sport is fun, fast, social, and spectator friendly. In just four years since its development, an exciting international club competition circuit has sprung up with events in China the USA and around Europe.

The Global Team Racing Regatta - a separate series, was initiated by the New York Yacht Club, with the second edition held at the Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes, UK in 2019. The 2020 the event will move to Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, Italy.

Registrations from NSW are asked to please ensure you keep NSWTSA posted at of your entry.

Notice of Race attached here.

Dates announced for 2019 Australian Secondary Schools Team Sailing Championships and 2019 Interdominion Championships. - JANUARY 25th 2019

The Australian Team Sailing Association (ATSA) has announced the dates of the 2019 Australian Secondary Schools Team Sailing Championships and the 2019 InterDominion Championships with both competitions to be hosted in Tasmania, by the Sandy Bay Sailing Club with the support of The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania.

The 2019 Australian Secondary Schools Team Racing Championships will be held 6th -10th June.

The 2019 Interdominion Schools Team Sailing Championships will be held 13th -17th July.

For more information refer – Media Release

2018 ATSA AGM - NOVEMBER 27th 2018

At the 2018 Annual General Meeting the Association updated the membership of the Committee.

The 2019 ATSA Committee is now recorded on the website and reflects the current membership.

The Committee endorsed Tasmania as the host state for the 2019 Australian Secondary Schools Team Racing Championships and the 2019 Interdominion Championships.

Stakeholder Update and Correspondence – January 2018 - FEBRUARY 1st 2018

Please see attached correspondence with Stakeholders. Link to attached document

ATSA Update - 2016

At the 2016 Australian Secondary Schools Teams Sailing Regatta a revamped stakeholder group agreed to constitute ATSA and to create a platform for Team Sailing nationally that would provide a basis for future success of the sport, a platform for growth and a governance structure to properly reflect the key stakeholders and build consistency for the sport nationally. This interim committee agreed to:

- Redraft a new Constitution for the Association and initiate a governance structure nationally that would appropriately represent the sports key stakeholders
- Engage openly with key stakeholders in reconstituting the Asssociation
- Seek membership of the Association following the approval of the new ATSA Constitution and governing structure
- Commit to delivery of improved National regattas over the next 3 years
- Work toward a successful partnership with Australian Sailing for the betterment of Team Sailing

The members of the Interim Committee included:

South Australia (SA)
Simon Irving – President
Wayne Thompson

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Paddy Hodgman

Victoria (VIC)
Felicia Brown  -  Secretary 

New South Wales (NSW)
Jeremy Atkinson  -  Treasurer
Arthur Psaltis
David McCracken

Tasmania (TAS)
Oliver Burnell

Queensland (QLD)

Western Australia (WA)

Northern Territory (NT)

Welcome to the website of the Australian Team Sailing Association (ATSA). - JUNE 2015

During the twenty-odd years until 2013, team sailing in Australia was controlled and supported by Yachting Australia. The support provided by YA was limited to a small amount of direct funding for each of the two national championships (schools and open), some limited funding for teams representing Australia at international events, and administrative support for the YA team racing committee which provided advice to YA about all matters relating to team racing after its formation in 2003.

At its 2013 mid-year federal assembly, a decision was made by Yachting Australia to discontinue any direct support of team sailing after 30 June 2014. This was a disappointing outcome to those members of the Australian sailing community who understood the importance of team racing in attracting new participants to the sport and who have witnessed the growth potential within schools and universities in recent times.

For those of us passionate about our sport and excited by the success of events such as the Australian Schools Team Racing Championship, it was clear that we could not stand by and watch team sailing disappear from the Australian sailing landscape.

We are in the process of incorporating the association and making some final decisions on the structure, financing and governance of the new body. As we go through this process of re-organisation, please continue to support the already-scheduled events and take the opportunity to make suggestions on how best ATSA can grow team sailing in the future. Many of those involved in the previous YA team racing committee are involved in the convening of the new association. If you have an opinion about the direction team sailing should be taking in your state and within Australia, please feel free to contact a member of the steering group.

ATSA Committee and Key Stakeholders

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Graham Maltby  -President

Victoria (VIC)
Felicia Brown  -  Secretary 

New South Wales (NSW)
Jeremy Atkinson  -  Treasurer

Tasmania (TAS)
Murray Jones  -  President 

Queensland (QLD)
Tim O’Connor 

Western Australia (WA)
Sam Gilmour 

South Australia (SA)
Simon Irving 

Northern Territory (NT)
Conor Byrne

Yours in team sailing,

Murray Jones